Lenn Art Ice Event works to be as versatile as possible within our ”handcraft area”. We work throughout Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. We offer the highest quality in our services and products, and deliver ice sculptures to all conceivable opportunities throughout the year. Our customers include both companies and individuals. We also collaborate with several hotels, conference facilities and event companies in Sweden. We work in place order to create exclusive and eye-catching artwork as you wish. We love the handcraft and create in pure ice!

The sky is the limit – We can perform our services all over the world.

Our ice sculptures create a wow feeling for most parties and events. Ice is always memorable, effective and always leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Think back on the many parties and events that you attended. After a while, most of them look quite the same. Then think about having a party where there was one or more ice sculptures. You will definitely remember that. Ice sculptures always create a lasting impression, especially if you also see the sculpturing in progress and follow the artist’s work from a block of ice to a finished product.

Summer or winter does not matter. In honesty, it’s right a lot cooler with ice in the summer heat. Or what do you think?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for pricing. We dare to almost promise you will be pleasantly surprised.